Rocco J. Notte, Jr.
Biography of Rocco 

As a child Rocco would sit under the bass end of his mother's spinet piano listening to her play the standards and her classical repertoire.

Even though he played music throughout his childhood he was not struck by lightning until seeing and hearing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Rocco began playing music professionally at age 13 in dive bars and nightclubs throughout the Philadelphia region.

Immediately after high school he became a road musician, with a variety of show bands and hard rock bands, touring the U.S. and Canada.


In the late 70s Rocco was the principle songwriter and keyboard/guitarist for Arista Record's The A's. Many of his songs from this period have been recorded by artists such as Jennifer Holiday, Art Garfunkel, Clarence Clemons [E St. Band], as well as, used for T.V. commercials, themes, etc.

Studying music on and off the road, Rocco discovered the trail-blazing jazz theorist/pianist, Jimmy Amadie, and began 4 years of work with him.

During the next two decades he catalogued hundreds of songs, collaborating with many artists throughout the U.S. His love for jazz came about full circle and he rededicated himself to the study and performing of jazz piano.

Rocco continues to work as a recording session musician, jazz pianist, arranger, composer and lyricist.

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